Medical work at the Pagudpud Adventist Wellness Center

Here you will assist alongside servant-hearted local Doctors & Nurses.  Today there are over 26 staff with over 1200 patients per month.  You may work alongside the medical personnel & observe or assist the care given.  


Here you will have opportunity to help build a much needed chapel in an extremely rural environment.  Most of the Medical Clinic is finished.  Assisting local construction workers you will be able to mix cement, lay block or tie rebar. Together, a house of worship will be erected.   

Medical Work at local rural outposts

Scattered throughout the territory of Pagudpud are many surrounding villages. Most live in medically deprived areas where the only medical care available is when medical mission clinics go to the people.  Here you can assist with the Doctors & Dentist and Pharmacist.  You will be delighted to experience the difference a dedicated team of caregivers can be to such simple people.


Be a part of the most exciting work of all.  Bringing people to an understanding of God’s love, grace and salvation.  Visit & pray them in their homes and open up the word of God.  Invite them to small meetings where they can connect with others, sing songs of hope and make a decision to follow Jesus fully.

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